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I Can Do Good All By Myself! - Book Cover

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

History Lessons

Why do I keep choosing the same kind of man with a different face? I'm tired of the Merry-go-Round in relationships. Any advice?

If you don’t take time to study the lessons of
history, you will find yourself with the same kind of
relationship getting the same results if you don’t learn
from your experiences. Romans 15:4 reads: “For
everything that was written in the past was written to
teach us, so that through the endurance and the
encouragement of the Scriptures, we might have
hope.” In essence, we have to know what has come
before so that we can learn from it. Get to really
know the person you are spending so much time with.

If you are looking to be in a serious relationship with
this person, watch their day-to-day conduct: How do
they conduct themselves in their everyday affairs?
Do they pay their bills on time? Do they pay their
tithes and offerings? Do they take care of their
children without having to be threatened with
incarceration if they don’t? Why did their last
relationship not work out? How did they treat their
former spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend? These are all
key questions in examining the history of the one that
is entering your life. It does not matter if they are
coming into your life as a business partner or a life
partner in marriage. History may not be your favorite
subject, but in the school of life, it needs to be your
best subject if you desire to allow the events in your
life to make you better, not bitter. ~Excerpt from "I Can Do Good All by Myself!"

Thought for the week: "If you're tired of being dizzy, Get off the Merry-go-Round!"

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