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Monday, April 4, 2011

Make Time for Love

One of my favorite sayings is: "Communication is to a relationship what Blood is to the body". Many have adopted the paradigm that communication is limited to words, but communication is so much more. We would be remiss if we thought that our nonverbal communication was of less importance than our verbal communication. In all honesty, and in may cases, our nonverbal communication speaks much louder!
Spring has sprung and with it, the hustle and bustle that accompany this season of change: projects that we have neglected during the cold of winter have somehow moved up on our list of priorities; that garden that was neglected over the course of winter is alive with the buzz of bees, the aroma of Miracle-gro and the touch of hands that provide the seeds that cause what was once barren to spring into life!
Many times, our relationships go through a similar process of events, but is this pattern one of necessity for every relationship? Or can we take time everyday to fertilize, nurture and cultivate a robust lovewalk with our spouses and significant others that perseveres regardless of seasons and time?
Fred Hammond says it best as he puts to music, what I have quoted as a proverb in my own marriage: Make Time for Love! The holding of hands, a greeting with a kiss, a gentle hand on the shoulder, a wink from across the room, a kiss blown and caught as tenderly as a butterfly lands on a flower...none of these gestures require an audible word, but speak volumes from a place within the heart in a language that your two hearts understand. Make Time for Love! True love is a gift that was given to us by a God who embodies love, who emanates love, who IS love!
Purpose in your heart today to make your loved one smile. Carve out some time to send a message of love that makes their heart skip a beat! Embrace them with arms that cause the cares of the day to evaporate like the morning dew. Make time to share! Make time to show you care! Make Time For Love!