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Monday, August 29, 2011

Taking Inventory of Your Relationships


"Anything worth having is worth fighting for...but everything we have fought for wasn't worth having and wasn't ours to have/keep. If it feels good but doesn't fit the plan of God it can't stay. It's better to be alone on purpose then to be purposed and feel alone because we held on to something that left long before we did. Take inventory and take action!" ~K.P.L.

So many times we try to hold on to people that have passed their expiration date a long time ago. When we go to those people and try to partake of what they have to offer, we are somehow astonished when they cause us harm as a result. If you have been a person that has historically "settled" for the sake of having a relationship in your life when you know deep down inside that the relationship is causing you more harm than good, take heed to this posting and make the necessary adjustments to your life and relationship. I have heard it said that there are two kinds of people that enter into your life: Sowers and Suckers. The Suckers are the parasitic relationships that leave you drained. They receive all of the benefits while you are left bankrupt and void. These people rarely leave your life on their own, because they get all of the benefits with very little effort. On the other hand, the Sowers are those who pour into you. You are made better by their presence, not worse. These are what we call "symbiotic" relationships. The benefits flow in both directions. Your decision will determine which state you will be found in when you reach your point of Destiny. Choose Life!