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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do not arouse or awaken love until its time....

As we transition from the season of Winter to Spring, what better time to refresh and renew our relationships in preparation of new things to come. One of the greatest admonishments in the Bible on how to temper love between a man and a woman is found in the Songs of Songs, or in the Hebrew text, "Song of Solomon". Chapter 2 verse 7 expressly cautions young women "not to arouse or awaken love until the proper time." Filled with literary wit and poetic prose, this book of the Bible highlights the power of the force of love as well as the intensity that comes along with obtaining it. Many have fallen short of the full measure of true love the way God intended for it to be because of the temptation that comes with seeing the fruit of love and partaking of it before it is fully mature; before its proper time. Years ago, I told a group of Women that "You can see the grape appear on the vine long before it's ready to eat. If you pick the fruit too soon, it's no good to you because its not ripe enough to eat. If you leave the fruit on the vine too long, it can rot and fall to the ground; still not fit for eating because it spoiled on the vine. There is a "due season" for all things. Seeing the grape, waiting until the appointed time and then picking it when it's ready allows one to enjoy the fruit of waiting until the time is "just right". God has an appointed time for you and the one you love to enjoy the fullness of true love the way He intended, so that you can reap the harvest of loving and being loved God's way. Waiting on God has incomparable benefits! As Winter turns to Spring and love blooms anew, my dear sisters, I charge you, by the gazelles and the wild deer of the field: Do not arouse or awaken love until its time......

~Scripture Reference: Song of Solomon 2:7

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