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Friday, May 28, 2010

If Loving You is Wrong....

"I know that I am treading on dangerous ground in this relationship, but I can't help myself! I have been down the Valley of Disaster in all of my prior relationships, but I see a man that I want and I have to have him. I have gotten Counseling from my Pastor, saved friends and loved ones but nothing is working. I know that loving him is wrong, for more reasons than I want to admit, but.....HELP!"
This submission goes on to define how this individual has been in church all of her life and knows what needs to be done, but she continues to consciously make decisions to do what she wants to do. After working with her for many months, I began to see the pattern of how I would spend hours working with her to find an action plan of what to do, how to do it and her level of determination to do something different. One particular day after spending hours on this process, I released her to carry out our action plan only to have her return to my office a few minutes later with a report that she deliberately did exactly the opposite of what we spent the prior two hours working on! Every action is the result of a DECISION that we make about a situation. In counseling I tell my clients that Responsibility is the end result of choices that we make and the consequences that follow. I see so many people that say they want a Godly mate, but fail to apply Godly principles in pursiut of that kind of relationship. I have learned that a Godly mate is desired by many, but few are willing to follow the guidelines that put them in the running to obtain the prize without utilizing ungodly standards. So I have begun to say, "If you just want a relationship, just say that, but don't put the label of a "Godly" relationship on it to sound spiritual when you know you are not willing to play by the rules for this level of commitment to yourself, the relationship, or to God". The bottom line is this: God does not have to use any of Satan's tools to get His promises to us. If you have to violate the word of God by fornication, adultery, lying, etc. in order to have the relationship, just be prepared for the harvest of the seeds you are planting. Simple as that. In closing, stop praying for a "Man of God" as a mate if you are not going to conduct yourself as a "Woman of God" in order to obtain or maintain the relationship. This Blog is entitled, "If Loving You is Wrong... You can conclude it by the famous stanza and say, "I Don't Want to be Right." Or you can conclude it by saying, "I'm GONNA BE RIGHT!" We are free will agents. The Choice is Yours. Just remember, the greatest witness of your motives is clearly indicated by your actions.
Thought for the week: "Actions speak louder than words"~Michel de Montaigne

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