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Friday, May 14, 2010

Lovesick & Hopeless

"After years upon years of failed relationships, I am beginning to lose hope that I will ever find the 'one' that God has for me. My friends seem to find relationships with no problem at all. However, even though they have someone, the relationships end up failing and we are all back in the same boat again. Is there really any hope for us? ~Lovesick & Hopeless in Seattle.
Despite the challenges that love and relationships bring, there is an ultimate plan from God that allows us to move past the hurt of betrayal, infidelity, lies and deception into the “land of milk and honey” that God promises to all of his children. When you get to the point that you realize that ”the promises of God are Yea and Amen to the glory of Christ Jesus” (2 Corinthians 1:20) you will realize that His promises are not contingent upon one person. If that person does not fulfill their obligations or commitment to you, the promises of God will not fall to the ground. The Word of God says in Isaiah 46:11 that “God will summons a man from a far country to fulfill his purpose.” What the spirit of God wants us to realize in this passage is that his purposes will stand, and if the arm of the flesh fails us, he will raise up someone who is fit for the challenge. God has a worthy companion for you, but you have to wait on the timing of God and make sure that the mate that you receive is sent from God and God alone. If not, you will be settling for a cheap copy of the original that God has planned for your life. No matter how real something appears to be to the unskilled eye, a discerning eye can pick out a counterfeit every time. Your spirit is designed for a certain kind of mate. Because God is the manufacturer of us all when we belong to him, only he can determine the appropriate compliment to your original design.
Thought for the Week: You are a Designer's Original

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